Circuit Tutor

Release Notes

Version: 2.3.6 (1/7/2022)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed the error thrown while creating new course without importing configurations from prior course.
Version: 2.3.5 (12/21/2021)
  • New Feature:
    • Copy course configurations from a prior course while creating new course.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed the gradebook-footer wrong count of the total number of students completed the assignment.
    • Fixed missing school name in the announcement pop-up box.
    • Removed vertical scrollbar for the game list on the landing page.
    • Removed WileyPlus related code and database field.
Version: 2.3.4 (10/29/2021)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fix the doc2tutorial website to handle the case where we are adding introductory tutorial to a tutorial that does not have an introductory tutorial.
    • Fix the doc2tutorial link on admin dashboard.
Version: 2.3.3 (10/12/2021)
  • Bug Fixe:
    • Fixed points view display for TAs on gradebook.
Version: 2.3.2 (9/10/2021)
  • New Features:
    • Displays due date and availability status based on the course configuration on the game page for each game.
    • Allows students to 'skip' tutorial on the web if a tutorial is set to be optional in the course configuration menu.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the decimal rounding issue for total points and individual points for congiruation menu.
    • Homepage "Next step" column showing correct step. e.g. If pre-test is available for that game, and pre-test is set to be mandatory then it will display the next-step as "Pre-test" only if the student has not yet finished the pre-test.
    • Giving access to the game pages from the homepage even if they are not set to be available by instructors.
    • Fixed ID selection issue for roster-import (Add Student).
Version: 2.3.1 (9/1/2021)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Not allowing students to start introductory tutorials if pre-test is mandatory for that game and student has not completed the pre-test.
    • Announcement emails will now show line feeds/carriage-returns appropriately in the email body.
    • Fixed saving issue on config menu for making pre-test, post-test and introductory tutorial mandatory or optional
    • Fixed API issue - value of 'pre-test', 'post-test' and 'introductory tutorial' updated for the course-configuration api
Version: 2.3.0 (8/23/2021)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Remove 'dbg8' message that is showing next to section titles in tutorial questions.
    • Fix alignment of radio input buttons in introductory tutorial questions.
Version: 2.2.9 (8/16/2021)
  • New Features:
    • Points can be set for the games in course configuration menu.
    • Points displayed in the "Progress and Grades" section of the homepage.
    • Points view option added for gradebook
    • Gradebook (CSV) file export - additional row showing total number of levels and total points.
    • "Gradebook export for Learning Management Systems" feature added (Currently supporting only Canvas).
    • API update - video_links updated for basic tutorials info API
    • API update - "user progress" and "tutorial config info" APIs updated to minimize server traffic.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • User's timezone information saved in session during login and all date-times displayed based on that timezone.
    • Timezone changed to 'UTC' for dates supplied by VB6 API: tutorial-config and user-progress APIs
    • Radio button alignment issue solved on course-configuration pop-up editor
    • Checking whether level specific dates are within the range of A/B testing dates.
    • Select A/B testing radio button when corresponding date fields are clicked.
    • Fixed issue: can't save config without selecting a due date even if radio button "No Due Date" is selected for level specific dates.
Version: 2.2.8 (8/2/2021)
  • New Features:
    • Add Video help links in Bode Plots games
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Change some (minor) texts
    • Fix alignment in Web games level menu page
    • Fix 'Are you there' modal to not appear on level menu page in Web games
Version: 2.2.7 (7/5/2021)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed bug that was causing error for the 'Clear Logs' function (for Admin account).
Version: 2.2.6 (6/2/2021)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed Bug on gradebook CSV import that was detecting invalid student ID even though the IDs were right.
Version: 2.2.5 (5/25/2021)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed an API bug that was causing disappearance of 'Pretest' and 'Posttest' buttons on VB6 game screens and misplacement of 'Review Work' button.
Version: 2.2.4 (4/12/2021)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix a bug that was causing crashes in Bode Plot game in the last step, when a student tries to continue a attempts exceeded game
Version: 2.2.3 (4/10/2021)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix content on Rules for Making Bode Plots page
    • Fix some formatting issues
    • Fix NaN error in "Details of finding magnitude" section in Bode Plots
    • Fix Equation checks, make equation drag and drop UX better
  • New Features:
    • Add accordion drop-down in deviation feedback in Bode Plots
    • Change formatting of Part B question in Bode Plots
Version: 2.2.2 (3/17/2021)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Radio buttons are aligned in introductory tutorials
    • Fix calculation of deviation in Bode Plots feedback
  • New Features:
    • Activate all the exercise levels for Bode Plots
    • Update introductory tutorial through doc2 tutorial
    • Ability to jump to various sections of the introductory tutorial in Bode Plots tutorial
    • Allow students to complete the exercise problem even after they have exhausted their number of attempts
Version: 2.2.1 (2/24/2021)
  • Bug Fix:
    • Timezone issue solved for config menu and student landing page (main menu). Showing time in MST now.
    • Timezone changed to 'MST' for dates supplied by VB6 API: tutorial-config and user-progress APIs
    • Null values checked in tutorial-config API for mandatoryPretest and mandatoryPosttest fields.
    • Yes/No button display problem solved for "Assign A/B Group" pop-up on gradebook page.
Version: 2.2.0
  • New Feature:
    • Revised the user interface for the configuration menu of courses for instructors and admin users.
    • Added an action button on the configuration menu main screen to open a modal box to allow instructors/admins to change the tutorial logistics.
    • The tutorial logistics that can be edited are availability to/from date, due date, grading policy and A/B testing and all other fields are non-editable.
    • Added a 'Reset' button to reset the tutorial logistics to inital/default values.
    • A/B Testing field can be changed by clicking on the advanced options button present on the configuration menu modal box.
Version: 2.1.13 (2/1/2021)
  • New features:
    • Enabled instructor dashboard for previous years' courses and unassigned tutorials.
    • Announcement feature available for admin to send emails to other users
Version: 2.1.12 (12/17/2020)
  • New Feature (12/17/2020):
    • Added instructor dashboard to see overall performance of students in a course.
  • Minor fix (11/23/2020):
    • Minor formatting changes for suspected users page.
Version: 2.1.11 (11/20/2020)
  • New Feature:
    • Add introductory tutorial for Bode Plots.
Version: 2.1.10 (11/16/2020)
  • New Feature:
    • Add Medium and Hard Levels for Bode Plot tutorial game.
Version: 2.1.9 (10/30/2020)
  • New Feature:
    • Detailed grade view available for each student on view grades page.
Version: 2.1.8
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed PHP-error on Basic Electric Waveforms and L/C Waveforms page.
Version: 2.1.7 (10/25/2020)
  • Updated Help Files and Pages:
    • Important_Information_for_MacOS_and_Unix_Users_2.pdf
    • Instructions_to_Post_for_Non-ASU_Students_on_Circuit_Tutor
    • Instructions_to_Post_on_Canvas_for_Circuit_Tutor
    • Instructions_to_post_on_Canvas_for_Circuit_Tutor_(if_you_ARE_assigning_through_WileyPLUS)
    • FAQ web page
Version: 2.1.6
  • New Feature:
    • Implemented a lot of improvements in the drag and drop functionality in equation games to make User Experience better.
Version: 2.1.5
  • New Feature:
    • Progressbar is displayed while registration codes are generated during roster import.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug where no warning message was being displayed while trying to import roster file with a missing header row or an empty on-header first-row.
    • Fixed bug where no warning message was being displayed while trying to import student names without a 'Registration Codes' column.
    • Fixed bug where the 'Resend' feature was sending wrong registration code after importing student names.
    • Added validation for ASURITE IDs while importing roster file.
    • Fixed UI issue where texts were being displayed above the heading and below the footer when scrolled down/up the student list in roster preview window.
    • The gradebook page UI improved by making the button spacing and size consistent.
    • Email and email-suffix (domain) validation added for pop-up windows on gradebook page for both AddStudents ('Generate Codes') and 'Resend' functionalities.
Version: 2.1.4
  • New Feature:
    • Implemented “Are you there?” timer for introductory tutorials to obtain accurate data on student engagement with those tutorials.
Version: 2.1.3
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Bug fix in case the roster file contains more than one "Registration Codes" column.
Version: 2.1.2
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Bug fix for empty file being exported after importing student data to the gradeboook.
Version: 2.1.1
  • Bug Fixes:
    • General bug fixes to gradebook file importing.
Version: 2.1.0
  • New Features:
    • Added introductory tutorial for Inverse Laplace Transforms.
    • Revised and corrected the introductory tutorial on Impedance Simplification and Phasor Analysis.
    • Added registration code generation for instructors within the gradebook, with automatic emails to students.
    • Added buttons to student Home page to video help, to general instructions, to information for Mac/Linux users.
Version: 2.0.9
  • General New Features:
    • Extended sounds to play for correct and incorrect answers and level completions in all tutorials and games.
    • Updated formatting and text (wording) of Resistor Simplification and L/C Simplification introductory tutorials (content not changed).
    • Added partial introductory tutorial for Impedance Simplification game (also includes a general introduction to phasor analysis and complex numbers).
  • General Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed inability to repeat Laplace transforms tutorial after completing it once.
  • New Features in Bode Plots game:
    • Added terms for a constant with a fixed value of 1 and for terms with fixed powers of 1 in the equation input palettes to simplify equation entry.
    • Added 'Asymptotic Approx. Magnitude at Breakpoint (dB)' and 'Exact Value Minus Approx. at Breakpoint (dB)' rows in summary table shown after user submission.
    • Added a confirmation dialog for all Give Up buttons.
    • Changed equals signs to approximately equals signs where appropriate for asymptotic approximations in examples.
    • Added explanation of poles when first introduced in examples.
    • Added a note about confirming band pass filter behavior in examples after computing the Bode plot.
  • Bug Fixes in Bode Plots game:
    • Fixed errors in the magnitude table in examples for cases when entire terms are squared in the transfer function.
    • No longer erases incorrect answers after checking them in part A of exercises and highlights them in red.
    • Made sure damping factors are always less than one in quadratic terms in examples at higher levels so they cannot be factored into terms involving real poles.
    • Eliminated inappropriate “Repeat Tutorial” button as there is currently no introductory tutorial.
    • Made terms in equation entry palettes expand their parentheses properly when long numbers are entered.
    • Fixed error in equation entry if multiple quotient terms are present.
    • Now properly checks values entered for “Exact Value Minus Value at Intercept” in part C.4 of exercises. Also no longer erases incorrect answers there after checking them, but colors them red.
    • Fixed errors in equation entry if redundant factors of one are present or an unnecessary factor of one is missing, and no longer allows redundant (multiplicative) constants to be entered.
    • Made some formatting and textual changes, including formatting of section headers.
    • Fixed self-dismissing popups after submitting correct equations for the standard form and the magnitude of the transfer function.
    • Equation spacing and parentheses have been fixed, equations now always display properly, fixing several bugs.
    • Numbered equations have been moved to the left so the numbers are no longer aligned to the right margin.
    • Tables have been re-oriented and text has been cleaned up.
Version: 2.0.8
  • Added functionality for the instructors to import student specific data to their local machines. It is to be noted that this data is not uploaded to the server. Instructor can now view student data on the gradebook page, if imported.
Version: 2.0.7
  • Added TA functionality for the instructors. Instructor now can view, create, and add existing TA(s) (including instructors) to their respective course.
Version: 2.0.6
  • Added Grade book soft coding.
  • Fixed term dropdown in add new course page.
  • Code to insert new term in db as and when required.
  • Assign A or B group to students in gradebook page.
Version: 2.0.5
  • Added warning to inform student if they need to complete a level in Circuit Tutor program before proceeding.
  • Added letters to answer options for reference in explanations.
Version: 2.0.4
  • Fixed grade book issue of incorrect completion percentages related to DC Superposition and AC Analysis tutorials.
  • Fixed server issue causing error due to dependency on external service.
  • Fixed 'Unable to review bode plot after completion' issue
Version: 2.0.3
  • Added external service dependency for enhanced visibility
  • Added Release notes button
Version: 2.0.2
  • Added DC Superposition and AC Analysis to the gradebook
  • Added fix for the completed tutorials showing in yellow
Version: 2.0.1
  • Added release notes and version numbers to the website.
  • Fixed the units display for constant k2 in quadratic segment in graph interface.
  • Removed the change password glitch on the user account page.
Version: 2.0.0
  • Fixed the inappropriate unit prefixes for quadratic equations in the graph interface.